General information on the “Bambesch”

Fortification CORF without artillery.

This fortification belongs to the “SF Faulquemont” in 1940

Mission: ensure the continuity of fire of infantry with the close strengthened works. The fort was to also be equipped with a deferred turret of 81. All the more unhappy adjournment as the strong neighbors do not have an artillery to cover it. In June 1940, without protection, it is attacked by the German troops and can only go.

Caption plan. H: men; B: crenel under concrete; C: bell; T: turret; Infanterie_: armament of infantry; Artillerie_: artillery armament; Observatoires_: armoured observatories
In top: the coordinates are in geographical system WGS84


Click: photograph of Gerald Goeltl

Large a thank you with the photographer!


Block 3. The entry by block 3 was provisional, while waiting for the construction of other blocks. It remained provisional.


Block 3. The armor-plated projector of the foreground was installed there for the visitors. It was against the block (one sees its chechmate of fixing to the far right of the photograph).

Exposed GFM

Block 2. Cloche GFM almost completely exposed by the German artillery shootings that nothing could contrebattre.

Sifted GFM

The multiple penalties however did not bore the GFM.

Visor of B2

Block 2. The visor protecting the crenels was completely destroyed. This photograph makes it possible to see well the structure of the primarily high and low reinforcement of the visors (prolongation of the flagstones).

Frontage of B2

The blows primarily related to the visor of the crenels.

Turret of B1

Block 1. Turret of mixed, anti-personnel weapon - anti-tank devices (but of insufficient range to be anti-artillery). Here it is “out of battery”.

Mixed turret of weapon

Twinning of machine-guns (anti-personnel) and gun of 25mm (anti-tank).

Slewing gear of turret

An electrical motor allows a rotation (thus shootings) on 360°.

Beam of turret

Beam with counterweight of setting out of battery and eclipse of the turret. It is actuated by an electrical motor backed up with a crank.

Recuperator of casings

Tight recuperator of the casings of the turret. It is tight to prevent that the poison gazs produced by the powder residues do not poison the atmosphere.

Hopper of B2

Hopper of entry in block 2. It makes it possible to put this block in overpressure compared to the other blocks, when its weapons enter in action.

Hopper of B3

Hopper of entry in block 3. It makes it possible to put this block in overpressure compared to the other blocks, when its weapons enter in action.


Overall picture of the factory (generating).


One of the 2 Renault generators of the factory.

Filters of the room of neutralization

The air comes from outside (green sheaths). It is purified in the filters at the time of an attack by poison gas. It sets out again towards the various casemates by the red sheaths.


Cooker with coal.


Detail of the cooker with coal.


The refectory is in the principal gallery. The men eat on folding shelves.

Room of troop

The beds are superimposed. Each place of bed is often for 2 men, 1/3 of the crew being always of service.

Wash-hand basins


In this infirmary one makes only the care of first urgency. The severely wounded persons are evacuated backwards.

Who thus took these photographs?

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Slide show on the “Bambesch”; Photographs Gerald Goeltl, which we thank warmly. E.R.Cima ©2006-2008

0_*; Related files; 1_*; General information; 2_*; Photographer; 3_*; Block of entry; 4_*; Entry; 5_*; Exposed GFM_; 6_*; Sifted GFM_; 7_*; Visor of B2; 8_*; Frontage of B2; 9_*; Turret arms mixed; 10_*; Mixed weapon; 11_*; Rotation of turret; 12_*; Beam; 13_*; Recuperator; 14_*; Hopper of B2; 15_*; Hopper of B3; 16_*; Machine; 17_*; Group Renault; 18_*; Filters; 19_*; Cook; 20_*; Cooker; 21_*; Refectory; 22_*; Room; 23_*; Wash-hand basins; 24_*; Infirmary