Magnien general

The general Rene Magnien illustrated himself as a commander of the SFAM during the Franco-Italian war of June 1940.

Quotation. General officer of a very high moral value, obstinate realizer, having most beautiful qualities of Chief. With remarkably ordered, in the battle, the Strengthened Sector of which it had known to make an impregnable rampart. With known to realize in its great Unit the union intimates of all the weapons. At summer thus the heart of the victorious resistance opposed to an enemy much higher of number, which, in spite of very heavy losses, only managed to chip the position of outposts.

Letter sent, by his/her father, in Rene Magnien

Some will find a little désuette this letter full with good sense and humanity. But, personally, I like it much and I test the irresistible need for you to make share of it.

With my son on October 3, 1903

1 - We are all the two soldiers but my career finishes at the time when holds starts.
I traversed the road. It was long but soft all in all, because I applied to good to maintain it.
I met difficult passages. They never stopped me because always I was solved and also, because I took for guide my conscience - rather than my interest.
Let me give myself some indications and some councils. Perhaps I will announce you some obstacles so that you can easily avoid them knowing where they are.
11 - It is not career more enviable than the military career because it is not nobler;
It is not which deserves to be considered better, because nowhere one does not meet any more a duty and of honesty.
The events will be able alas! Sometimes to veil them, they will never darken it because in the world, where the selfishness reigns, it will always radiate by the devotion which is its base and by the satisfying which is its batch.
Its existence could not be compromised because its disappearance would involve the ruin and the disappearance of the Fatherland.
Would be thus proud to be soldier and that this noble passion never gives up you, even in the hours of discouragement which are saved nobody.
Will the circumstances support you or been useful by fortune, you will reach a top?
It is the secrecy of the future.
If you have the valiant heart, if you acquire qualities of character of having and energy which characterize a chief worthy of this name, I wish you a brilliant career, less for the material advantages which will result from it, that for satisfactions morals that you will withdraw from your responsibility and your acts which will have to keep in mind only justice, the interest of the service, the size and the glory of your country.
111 - Love your inferiors.
They deserve it because, apart from very rare exceptions, they always stick to the chief who consider them and they are devoted for him.
Applies to good to know them for better directing them. Their name knows and the essential characteristics of their situation, their origin, their family; nothing will show the interest best that you carry to them and they will be grateful to you.
Avoid with the same care, the not justified stiffness and the vulgar forms which do not mislead anybody.
Can be firm until severity, which excludes neither devotion nor the benevolence.
That the spirit of justice especially never gives up you.
Do not forget that the soldiers judge their chiefs with a direction right which could sometimes be envied by the superiors and they obey of as much better and more stick than they have, for those which order them, more consideration.
The really beautiful and large side of our trade, after the sacrifice of our person which we are ready to make at any hour, it is the attachment which we inspire with our men when we know to direct them, which is defined very exactly by the expression - military family employee to indicate the army.
It is a sure guide that I recommend to you: it is the interior service.
Learn the good and contemplates it.
There you will find not only the indication of tone duty but still the manner of filling it - the most delicate circumstances, most difficult, it are those where one is exposed not to as obtain as well and quickly as it would be wished, the execution of an order.
Can control you and does not forget that your authority will be essential of as much better than you will be as calm as firm.
- which indications can I give you on the manner of comprising you, apart from the service, in the medium where henceforth, you have to live?
You will have comrades and chiefs.
With the first, the reports/ratios are of every hour and in circumstances where through characters often appear without reserve.
You will meet officers sometimes badly high, more or less intelligent, soft or violent ones, sociable or reserved until the coldness, it will be able to meet some of which you have to be wary.
With all, the reports/ratios are possible and you will have to stick, without anything to sacrifice your principles, of your convictions, of your beliefs, not to have as you did certainly up to now, no enemy.
The essential condition, it is to be tolerant, obliging, good for the others and to apply the Christian great principle to do with others only what one would like that one made us.
Is not a severe judge or better, abstain from judging if nothing obliges you there, but observes for well knowing and gives your confidence only to those for which you will have acquired the certainty that they deserve it.
You will have probably only few friends: it is perhaps desirable, but control surface your boat to be the comrade of all the others.
The reports/ratios which you will have with your superiors must always have for limit the advances that they will make you but you would be wrong to remain on an excessive reserve if nothing there constrained - is you always submitting in their connection.
Prevent if you it can fall into the through disastrous one saying evil of them, by the only fact, generally, that they are the chiefs. It is always of the scandalmongering when it is not calumny.
They are considered lower often lower than oneself, than their situation. That can even be true. But does not forget that they have two superiorities which impose the reserve: the age and an experiment of which it is difficult to appreciate the value.
This October 3, 1903

Curriculum vitae

These Curriculum vitae are, mainly, drawn from a article (signed H Pasquier) published in 1952 in the parochial newspaper of Gervais Saint the Baths.
Civil statue


Born in Touques in 1880, close to Trouville (Apple-brandy), he dies on August 10, 1952, in Saint Gervais the Baths (High Savoy).

Married, six children. Two of its sons are killed with the war, in May 1940, at four days of interval!


After brilliant studies at the polytechnic school it leaves officer there artillery.

After a few years of application in the bodies of troop it is sent to the face, during the First World War.

The hostilities having taken end, it integrates the technical section of the ministry for the War where it remains until 1934.

At that time, promoted colonel it takes the command of the 157eRAP in Nice, then, passed general, it directs the SFAM of which it coordinates the rise in force of the fortification.

In June 1940 it is always with the orders of this SFAM which it traversed and worked during several years; also makes him it play all its power vis-a-vis Italian who, in 15 days, only succeeds in overflowing some outposts magré the important forces that they deploy.

The armistice signed with Italy, reached not the age limit it is versed within the framework of the reserves and receives the tie of Commander in the order of the Legion of Honor.

Taken refuge with his wife with Saint Gervais the Baths, where it had already remained before war, it is devoted from now on to Christian community life. On this subject here an extract of the parochial document which is pleased some:

Lit, conscious and convinced Christian, it is pleased with the liberty of action which the retirement brings to him. To be Christian, for him, it is to act as Christian. No cut in the life between what he believes and what he does. It is thus of only one block, but always with discretion, without ostentation, as without rigidity. Officer, it forever dissimulated its Christian faith. Reprocessed, it is permissible for him to live it in-depth, and it is not made fault of it. [] Pas of imbalance at his place enters its very thorough mathematical culture and its religious culture each day more firmly nourished. But especially its faith is active. [] Mister the Priest needs voluntary catechists, it offers himself and it fulfills this humble function with devotion [] One needs for the parish a private school, it takes of it its share in the Committee of the school [] He refuses with the presidencies, claiming emblé obscure places, concerned above all to rather bring work than to gain honors.

Booklet written by the general Mountain

This booklet was written and published by the Montagne general (ordering XVeCA in June 1940). There are only 50 specimens. The specimen n°5 is for submission to the Magnien general.

With my old friend, the general Rene Magnien, ordering the strengthened sector of the Maritime Alps, in remembering:
- our distances beginnings in soldiering which sealed our solid friendship.
- of the narrow one and trustful collaboration which, by marking the end of our career, has allowed to us, in the middle of the general disaster, to see shining a ray of victory on the tops whose guard was entrusted to us.

Signed: Mountain May 1941


The imbroglio


Letter sent to the Magnien general, by his father

Document of Odile Daveau

Some pages of the booklet written by the General Mountain, after the armistice of June 1940

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General Magnien (SFAM); File carried out starting from documents various of which those of Odile DAVEAU, grand-daughter of the general Rene MAGNIEN, whom we thank warmly. (B and ER Cima ©2007-2008).

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