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202T (SF Boulay). Personnel
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September 2nd, 1939 the 18th Regiment of the Genius is dissolved and its units telegraphists and radios, been dependant on the fortification, are transformed into companies integrated into the Battalions of the Genius of Fortress. Thus in the SF of Boulay is created the 202T (or 202/81) for telegraphy and 202R (or 202/82) for the radio.

202t_insigne_claisse.jpg Badge of the 202/81, Lieutenant Raymond Claisse. The blazon, at a peak, is that of the town of Boulay.
Personnel in 1940

Personnel at June 20th, 1940

Officers, two

Captain SIMONIN Raymond; Lieutenant CLAISSE Raymond

202t_simonin_claisse_claisse.jpg Simonin captain and Lieutenant Claisse with the Marivaux farm.

Other members of the personnel

Section of command

Office: Sgt/Ch. BUTHIER Robert; Sgt. GRANDIN Albert; Cal/Ch. DANEL Auguste; Cal. Robert FOUNTAIN; 1°S/T SIMON Louis; 2°S/T JOUANNY Rene; 2°S/T MARECAUX Andre

Infirmary: Médec. With. ROGER Gabriel; 2°S/T COPPENS Rene; 2°S/T KOCH Raymond

Hearth: Sgt. NASSOY Albert; 1°S/T DELAHOCHE Andre; 2°S/T JOLLY Paul

Ordinary: Sgt. VAUGELADE Robert; Cal/Ch. SAUVAGEOT Emile; 1°S/T LETELLIER Gaston; 1°S/T SOULIE Gaston; 2°S/T DEGHAYE Jean; 2°S/T SPOHR Paul

Post orderly: Cal. GILQUIN Lucien; MO. MEYER Leon

Garage: Cal/ch. LEJEUNE Jean; Cal. SIMONET Louis; 1°S/T NATTIER Rene; 2°S/T GIDEL Rene; 2°S/T COLLOT Gilbert; 2°S/T LUXEMBOURGER Alphonse; 2°S/T OLIVIER Georges; 2°S/T REIFENBERG Cécil; 2°S/T VAHE Raymond; 2°S/T FIEBACH Albert; 2°S/T DACHICOURT Alfred

Bugle: 1°S/T SAINT-CLEMENT Andre

Store Z: 1°S/T LEFEBVRE Jean

Mess Officers: 2°S/T THAL Eugene

Ss/Off mess. : 2°S/T COURCOT Maurice; 2°S/T DENNETIERE Edgard

Detached with the postal sector: 1°S/T VERLHAC Marcel; 2°S/T PAUCK Albert

Material level

Adj. BALZINGER Georges; Sgt/Ch. HOOD Andre; Sgt. DUFOURG Charles; Cal/ch. BEAUDOIN Georges; Cal. MARTIN Maurice

Stores: 1°S/T ISSENHUTH Joseph; 2°S/T Willy CLAM; 2°S/T GREGOIRE Henry; 2°S/T MATHIEU Paul; 2°S/T BENTZ Pierre

Personnel: 1°S/T RONCERET Jacques; 1°S/T Gaston RELIGIOUS BIGOT; 2°S/T MUZY Eugene; 2°S/T RIGOULLOT Gaston; 2°S/T RIVARD Adolphe; 2°S/T TORRALBA Charles

S.C. : 1°S/T VANDOMME Alfred; 1°S/T LEVEILLE Henri; 1°S/T WEISSENBACH Michel; 2°S/T FRAISSARD Jean; 2°S/T GARNIER Pierre; pleasant 2°S/T LECLERQ; 2°S/T NEVER Jean

Lighting: MO. GRAFF Laurent

Workshop: MO. BRULOY Marcel; 1°S/T Arthur PASTE; 2°S/T RUSSET-RED Jean; 2°S/T BAUDOIN Maurice

Trucks: 1°S/T HEMART Robert; 2°S/T DERAEDT Achilles

Section of exploitation

Warrant officer Robert CAMP; Sgt/Ch. Joseph MARSHAL; Sgt. JACQUEMART Jules; Cal/Ch. DARRAS Jean; Cal. COSTES Raymond; Cal. DERRU Jacques; Cal. DUMORTIER Maurice; Cal. LOISY Raymond; MO. PIVIN Roger; 1°S/T. BRIAND Rene; 1°S/T. CHARDOT Raymond; 1°S/T. HAEUV Emile; 1°S/T. CHICK Charles; 1°S/T. VINEL Etienne; 2°S/T. BEER Edmond; 2°S/T. BREILLOT Robert; 2°S/T. PUG Maurice; 2°S/T. CARTELOT Paul; 2°S/T. COCHIN Andre; 2°S/T. COLSON Eugene; 2°S/T. DELIEGE Rene; 2°S/T. DIEUDONNE Andre; 2°S/T. HOUCHOT Yvon; 2°S/T. HOUZE Marcel; 2°S/T. JANTZEN Maurice; 2°S/T. PORCHEROT Robert; 2°S/T. PREVOST Rene; 2°S/T. PRIEM Georges; 2°S/T. RADIGUET Maurice; 2°S/T. RAGUENET Maurice; 2°S/T. SCHWAB Leon; 2°S/T. THOUVENOT Pierre; 2°S/T. BAUDRY Andre; 1°S/T. DUPONT Robert; 2°S/T. JAMIN Paul; 2°S/T. ORSAT Lucien; 2°S/T. FOUNES Andre; 2°S/T. SAINTAGNE; 2°S/T. LORD OF THE MANOR; 2°S/T. DEMADE; 2°S/T. ESSIG; 2°S/T. CORLIN; 2°S/T. BARDIN; 2°S/T. PIMEL; 2°S/T. DEBAILLEUL

1st Section of construction

Adjudant CUGNIE; Sgt/Ch. LEMAIRE Louis; Cal. GRANDFILS Gilbert; Cal. HENON Roland; Cal. LACROIX Paul; Cal. MARTIN Maurice; MO. MANGIN Alfred; MO. VAREILLES Ernest; 1°S/T. BEUSQUART Michel; 1°S/T. COLONEL Henri; 1°S/T. MANZI Guerrino; 1°S/T. SCHMITT Charles; 1°S/T. THOMAS Lucien; 2°S/T. BARRAT Paul; 2°S/T. BERZIN Antoine; 2°S/T. BOLLENGIER Marcel; 2°S/T. LEMONNIER Albert; 2°S/T. LEGRILL Louis; 2°S/T. MANGARD Joffre; 2°S/T. MILLERAND Andre; 2°S/T. MULLER Alfred; 2°S/T. SCHROETTER Charles; 2°S/T. VIX Joseph; 2°S/T. DELPLANQUE Auguste; 2°S/T. COURTIOL Auguste; 2°S/T. BESSARD Jules; 2°S/T. VOILLOT Georges

2nd Section of construction (Welders)

Warrant officer HAUVILLER; Sgt/Ch. GOLDBRONN Auguste; Sgt. TICKET Claude; Cal/Ch. Gaston CANTON; Cal. EYSSERIC Adrien; Cal. MONTVENOUX Roger; Cal. SEGERT Alfred; Cal. Jules BRIE; MO. COTTARD Raymond; MO. SIMON Marcel; MO. TERREYRE Julien; 1°S/T. Jean CLERK; 1°S/T. ROHR Marcel; 2°S/T. BECKRICH Jean; 2°S/T. DEMARLY Fénélon; 2°S/T. DESJARDINS Rene; 2°S/T. KRANTZ HABERBUSCH Laurent; 2°S/T. LIND Marcel; 2°S/T. PARISET Nicolas; 2°S/T. PECATTE Jacques; 2°S/T. PERRARD Robert; 2°S/T. FAGES Albert; 2°S/T. ROUSSELET Raymond; 2°S/T. DELTOUR Francis; 2°S/T. BELVERGE; 2°S/T. JAMES; 2°S/T. DUVERGER; 2°S/T. ANDRE; 2°S/T. BAUFRE; 2°S/T. STEINHOF; 2°S/T. BROCHARD

3rd Section of construction

Warrant officer ANTOINE Charles; Sgt/Ch. Jacques GOD; Sgt. DESCHAMPS Marc; Cal/Ch. COUNTRY COTTAGE Andre; Cal/Ch. MOREAU Andre; Cal. WILLMANN Louis; 1°S/T. BOULNOY Rene; 1°S/T. Joseph CHAMPION; 1°S/T. MULLER Jean-Baptiste; 1°S/T. Jean CARRIED; 2°S/T. ACHARD Jean; 2°S/T. ARDHUIN Gilbert; 2°S/T. ARNOLD Alphonse; 2°S/T. AUGUSTE Marceau; 2°S/T. BOURGOUIN Leon; 2°S/T. Leon JUNIOR; 2°S/T. SQUARE Roger; 2°S/T. FAYS Marcel; 2°S/T. KRIEG Daniel; 2°S/T. LAUER Mathias; 1°S/T. The PENNEC Andre; 2°S/T. PHILIPPE Victor; 2°S/T. VIGUIER Andre; 2°S/T. VAUTRIN Marcel; 2°S/T. DEBLOIS Pierre; 2°S/T. CAILLET Marcel; 2°S/T. PERARDEL Raymond

Fast section of unfolding

Lieutenant CLAISSE Raymond; Sgt/Ch. Georges HAKE; Sgt. SCHNEIDER Aloyse; Cal/Ch. TO TELL Jean; Cal. NICOLAS Georges; Cal. REMY Marcel; MO. BOYON Rene; MO. DERR Joseph; MO. KOULMANN Robert; 1°S/T. GERALD Gabriel; 2°S/T. BUCHMULLER Charles; 2°S/T. PUG William; 2°S/T. GARDIN Andre; 2°S/T. GUILLAUME Jules; 2°S/T. HELOIR Albert; 2°S/T. HERGES Marcel; 2°S/T. HANMACHER Charles; 2°S/T. KOBIS Joseph; 2°S/T. MADUBOST Romain; 2°S/T. RILBART Lucien; 2°S/T. STOEBNER Adolphe; 2°S/T. COHARDE Charles; 2°S/T. LAMARQUE Léopold; 2°S/T. LECOMTE Jean; 2°S/T. WEBER Charles; 2°S/T. MARLINE Albert; 2°S/T. METCHE Louis; 2°S/T. PICARDY; 2°S/T. DUBRAY; 2°S/T. RIVOIRE; 2°S/T. RENEZ

Office of the transmissions

Sgt. BAUMLIN Paul; Sgt. CHAPLAIN Charles; Cal/Ch. CHARNET Robert; MO. VANDAMME Gilbert; 2°S/T. POIGNON Michel; 1°S/T. BERGALASCO Gabriel; MO. TAG Andre; 2°S/T. DOBREMER Louis; 2°S/T. ANDRIN François; 2°S/T. MARCO; 2°S/T. FRANÇOIS; 2°S/T. ANDREYS; 2°S/T. ARMIS

Non-commissioned officers specialized

Adj. VAUTRIN Georges; Adj/Ch. DUMELIE Etienne; Adj/Ch. BLONDEAU Marcel; Adj/Ch. THOMASSIN Louis; Adj/Ch. GOEDERT Jean; Adj/Ch. KORTZ Florian

Crews of strengthened works


Adj. LASKI Albert; Cal. BOCQUET Georges; 2°S/T. CATTIAUX Pierre; 2°S/T. FARM Daniel; 2°S/T. METZGER Leon; 2°S/T. GELLY Gustave


Adj. LUCIUS Rene; Sgt. SCHERER Albert; Cal/Ch. DUPRET Maurice; MO. CHARON Roland; MO. VICTORIN Rene; 2°S/T. ARLIX Henri; 2°S/T. BOUCOT Robert; 2°S/T. DENEUBOURG Marcel; 2°S/T. GRANDEMANGE Robert; 2°S/T. GONET Maurice; 2°S/T. JOIADE Henri; 2°S/T. LELONG Christmas; 2°S/T. MERTES Mathias; 2°S/T. THOUVENIN Georges; 2°S/T. TRUFFET Eugene; 2°S/T. SLIDING GAUGE Andre; 2°S/T. PIERROT Charles; 2°S/T. MANSION; 2°S/T. Leon WALKED; 2°S/T. VANDEKERKOVE Leon; 2°S/T. DRAPER


Cal. CHRISTIANNY Theodore; 1°S/T. Joseph MIDDLE-CLASS MAN; 1°S/T. BUGNOT Maurice; 1°S/T. POUILLON Roger; 2°S/T. TOURSEL Marcel


Adj. AUTEM Alfred; 2°S/T. BILLIARDS; 2°S/T. GASCOUIN Marcel; 2°S/T. MATHIS Lucien; 2°S/T. SCHWANK Albert; 2°S/T. DENEUCHATEL Maurice


Cal. VANDENHEEDE Henri; MO. PIRUS Joseph; MO. SEGER Andre; 1°S/T. Pierre POKERS; 2°S/T. FOLNY François

Village of COUME

Cal. Pierre BREWER; MO. DEBAILLEUL Emile; MO. SCHUMENG Paul; MO. SIMON Paul; 1°S/T. HOUTH Antoine; 1°S/T. HUMBLOT Robert

Northern appendix of COUME

Cal/Ch. VATIER Robert; 2°S/T. HOTTELET Fernand; 2°S/T. SELINGUE Andre; 2°S/T. PIMEL Andre


1°S/T. BRICLOT Marcel; 2°S/T. RENNER Martin; 2°S/T. CAFFELAIRE Albert; 2°S/T. DAUBY Marcel

Lt Raymond Claisse

Biography of Lieutenant Raymond Claisse

202t_claisse_2_claisse.jpg Lieutenant Raymond Claisse during his military service.

Raymond Claisse (1/13/1905 - 9/21/1988) was born in the department from the Meuse where his/her father was gendarme with horse.

After having made to its studies with the college of Bar the Duke it obtains the title of civil engineer of the State.

Then it makes its military service as sub-lieutenant in Mainz, in Germany, with the 42eRG (one is right after the Great War and certain German cities are occupied by the French Army).

202t_claisse_claisse.jpg Raymond Claisse

Then it directs the research department of the services of Navigation in Verdun. Then it is in charge of the subdivision of Châtillon on the Seine (Gold Coast).

After having carried out one military period on the Maginot Line, in 1939 it is mobilized with the 18eRG and affected with the 202T, lately made up, where it orders the fast section of unfolding.

On order of its Staff, on June 20th, 1940 it deposits the weapons and is made prisoner.

In the convoy of prisoners of war which lead it camp of Sarrebourg to Oflag IIIC where it is interned, it becomes acquainted with the cartoonist Georges Raynault with whom it binds friendship. After war this last will dedicate its book of drawings to him “I am a prisoner”

After a few months of captivity Raymond Claisse is repatriated at the request of the mayor of Châtillon on the Seine. Indeed, the city had been destroyed to 50% during the combat of 1940 and the mayor needed his engineer. However Claisse did not remain less prisoner of war about it and must point regularly at the German military command.

In 1950 it is then in charge of the subdivision of Meknès suburbs in Morocco, until 1956, date on which it returns to France to be in charge of the first work of drain of the Moselle. He will be then divisional engineer in charge of the Service of Public Constructions, then, until his retirement, of the direction of the Northern District of the Infrastructures of the department of the Moselle.

Deliver of Georges Raynaud

Deliver humorous of Georges Raynaud

First pages of the dedicated book with Raymond Claisse

202t_livre_1_claisse.jpg Cover of the book
202t_livre_2_claisse.jpg Introduction
202t_livre_3_claisse.jpg Dedication
202t_livre_4_claisse.jpg Manuscript of the general June. Letter addressed to Georges Raynaud and inserted in his book.
202t_livre_5_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_6_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_7_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_8_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_9_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_10_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_11_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_12_claisse.jpg 202t_livre_13_claisse.jpg

Etc because there are 54 boards! Perhaps you will be likely to put the hand on a specimen of this rare book, in a specialized bookseller, or on sale on Internet, but the drawings will not be color! Indeed…

… The colors are the fact of my father who had started to pass the boards to the watercolour, as one finicked the plans of architect formerly. (Jean-Pierre Claisse)
Wild boar

Anecdote in connection with a wild boar

202t_sanglier_1_claisse.jpg A beautiful rifle shot!
“The poaching does not report only some stray hares. A man of the section of lieutenant Claisse thus had the occasion to cut down with the snap hook a wild boar of an exceptional size. Far from formalizing this act which, in the civilian, had brought back to his author some troubles with Justice, the military authorities dispatched on the spot of the officer of Intendance to weigh the animal and to deduct, by the same occasion, of the rations of the 202ème Telegraphic Compagnie, the quantity of corresponding meat.” (Jean-Pierre Claisse)
202t_sanglier_2_claisse.jpg Around wild boar


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