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Chart of France, interactive
Fressinea (Model 2.5D) (7-11)
“Fall Gelb” against “Dyle Plan” (03-11)
Genesis of the Maginot Line (02-11)
Collar of Raus (01-11)
Ventilation (block of combat) (01-11)
Launch flames (12-10)
Ventilation of quartering
Poste OTCF (12-10)
Radio - Principle (12-10)
Radio: use in 1940 (12-10)
The 202T (SF Boulay). Personnel in 1940 (12-10)
Oflag XB. Organization (11-10)
Oflag XB. Daily life (11-10)
Oflag XB. Memories of the Captain Mercier (11-10)
Not to make ? (10-10)
Camp of Bockange. Robin captain (12-09)
Saint-Roch - Diaporama (11-09)
False ideas? (10-09)
Galgenberg - Diaporama (*)
Immerhof - Diaporama (*)
Fressinea - Diaporama (*)
Bambesch (Diaporama)
Fermont (Diaporama)
Feste de Koenigsmacker (06-10)
Elzange. captain Mercier
Hackenberg (Data sheet)
Hackenberg (gold Book)
Hackenberg (Crew)
1919-1922. Fascism. Seizure of power
Italy in war (1915-1918)
Metal bells GFM tested by dogs
Hopkinson Effect + teachware
Ventilation of a block of combat + puzzle
Diesel engine 4 times + teachware
Yellow plan against Dyle plan
1940 SFAM. Magnien general
Bockange 1963. P.Dunez
SFAM 1940 (first engagements)
Dared stories (2)
Engine CLM 1PJ60 + teachware
blockhouse Les Vernes (3D)
… and all other files of the site
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 Maginot Line 
The " Maginot Line " is the most sophisticated system of fortifications that France ever realized.
After the war of 1914-1918, the modification of the layout of the borders requires to reconsider the defense of the own territory completely.
The French High command is persuaded that the next war, counters Italy or Germany, will be a " lightning war " possibly started without preliminary ultimatum. Also, in order to protect itself and to give time to mobilize, France then conceives it a system of fortifications which is incontestably one of the chief of works of art military: the " Maginot Line ".

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